Good Question! Picking a colour is based on many factorsPicking a colour should be done patiently, that’s the key.

There are many things that will affect your colour

  • It’s base tint against the surrounding colours and objects
  • Amount of indoor lighting
  • Colour of indoor lighting
  • Amount of natural light
  • Your personal colour prefernces

A common mistake is looking at colour swatches in natural daylight or in the lighting of the paint stores.

What you need to do is look at the colour swatches in the room you want it in, at many times of the day. Try in the morning, try in the best time of day where the most natural light comes in, try at night when all you have is your room lights. You will see how the colours change. You will see the base tint that makes the colour. This is most common with greys. Grey is made from 4 main colours. red, yellow, green and blue. So you will very commonly hear how someone picked such a nice grey but once they put it on the wall, it looked blue or purple or swampy. You can see that with the swatches in different lighting.

So take your time. Once you have chosen 2 colours you really like, get a small amount of that paint colour and try it on your wall. From there, you will see for sure what appeals to you.

With our experience, we can do this whole process in a few minutes because we know what will happen with the colour based on its base tint. So if you ever employ us, we will gladly help you with this.

If this is a project you must do alone, just follow these steps and you will be very happy with your colour in the end!



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