Project Details:

  • Project Yellow House
  • Clients Betty D.
  • Location Madoc, ON
  • Project Year 2019

House Like the Sun

This client had a goal. She wanted her home to be a refuge for kids who needed a place to stay. Kids suffering from hunger or abuse. 

This client said she wanted the house to feel happy and warm. She wanted it to lead kids to safety. She wanted it to feel like the sun showing them the way. She wanted kids to refer to it as the “Happy House”

Project Challenges

There were many challenges. Even though we are painters, we do a lot more for people. Each job is different. For this one, the eavestroughs and downspouts were broken. We ended up buying new ones, painting them and putting them back up. There were pieces of siding that were falling off which re-nailed back into place, we changed a lot of wood window frames for her and we used a large magnet to collect hundred of screws and nails all around the exterior of the home.


We used Emerald exterior paint by Sherwin Williams for the house siding and emerald trim enamel for the window frames, railings and spindles. We used Arborcoat solid stain by Benjamin Moore for the deck/porches.


The concrete block foundation had lots of holes and cracks. We filled them all in with liquid foam, exterior caulking and cement.

Wood Decks

Wood decks were rotting in many places. We first removed all the rotted planks and replaced them. We then washed the decks with mold remover, we then bleached them. Lastly we stained them.