Project Details:

  • Project LV Accent Wall
  • Clients Alyssa L.
  • Location East Gwillimbury, ON
  • Project Year 2019

Luxurious Decals

This client wanted the LV logo in her room to feel the luxury of her favorite brand

To not make the wall feel cramped or crowded, we opted to make each decal 12×12 inches and space them a bit more than what would be found on Louis Vuitton products like their purses.

Project Challenges

We needed to make sure each emblem was measured perfectly because the design is quite intricate. We used a Dewalt Laser and tripod and started by placing the first row horizontally. The first and last emblem were placed a few inches away from the wall and then the space between them was measured. From there, we were able to calculate the distance of each row and emblem perfectly.


We used Aura exterior paint by Benjamin Moore in a semi-gloss sheen so that if we put a decal on crooked, we had the ability to remove it and try again without ripping the wall or destroying the decal.


We used a commercial grade vinyl decal that came with a hardening superior strength glue. The vinyl was purchased in a metallic silver roll.

Interior Design

-Bedroom Set was purchased through Wayfair
-Bedding and duvet was purchased through Amazon
-Mirror and white fur throw was purchsed at Winners