Project Details:

  • Project Abstract Wall
  • Clients Justin G.
  • Location North York, ON
  • Project Year 2022

A Wall with Texture

We were absolutely amazed that this client did this wall himself!

The wall used to be wallpaper, but he employed his kids to have a fun wall ripping party, then cleaned it all up. He then glued his 3d squares onto the wall. Lastly, he added wood trim on either side to nicely frame it! He were so amazed, we weren’t sure why he needed us!

Project Challenges

The only challenge we had was the colour! Our client and his wife were a little torn on the colour, but we showed them a dark blue that is dampened with an almost charcoal overtone. It is deep, extravagant but not in your face blue. They ended up loving it. 


We primed the wall with Stix Primer for maximum adhesion. We then used Aura interior by Benjamin Moore in a Matte sheen for the textured wall. We used Emerald trim enamel in Satin for the wood trim frame. We used Aura bath and spa for the bathroom.

Perfect Lines

We used yellow frog tape to frame a perfect line around the accent wall. We filled the nail holes and caulked the cracks around the accent wall to make everything look flawless. The line came out perfectly!

Spray Machine

We used our new Graco air assisted fine finish spray machine. Trying our new machine out on this job was the best choice! It was flawless.