About Deck and Fence Maintenance and Repair

Wood needs to be maintained. Outdoors might be its natural place, but as trees. When its cut down and made into building supplies, it looses its strengths. it then becomes our job to maintain right from the start. We very often see decks and fences 25-55% rotted, and we have been called in too late at this point. 

When we stain outdoor siding, decks or fences, we use products that will be easy for you to apply in the future. We try to show you products that wont chip or peel. We want you to have something that will only fade, making it easy for you to just apply another coat, after a nice cleaning. That way it will last for upwards of 20 years or more. 

Without yearly or bi-yearly maintenance, It can start to rot right away and within only a few years, whole areas might need to be replaced. Let us help you keep your beautiful home protected.

To see how we can help you, please reach out to us today! (289)939-0145