Drywall Plastering and Repair

Looking at your walls and seeing damage can be overwhelming. But we are very experienced and can easily and simultaneously remove the damage as well as your stress.

Drywall repair and plastering can be tricky because an unexperienced person can leave different textures on the wall. If plastering new drywall, we have come across places where the plaster was sanded too much, leaving the drywall to be fuzzy. Other times we have seen repairs not sanded well, leaving lumps, or sanded almost enough, leaving a very smooth spot in the wall that has more texture from years of painting.

Every situation is different and needs skill to carefully determine how to plaster or repair drywall so that is is seamless and blends together perfectly. In most cases, we repair damaged walls for our customers. We have been very proud of the outcome of our work, and our experience and skill shows at the end. 

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