About Us

About Us

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Our core business is all about creating our clients’ homes and businesses the way they envision it so they can truly love the space they live or work in each day.
Even though we have grown, we haven't lost touch of why we started. We know life can be tough and it can also be difficult to trust you are going to get what you pay for.... or that you are not over paying for a service that may or may not end up well done. We have seen this happen so many times, heard all the horror stories, and we just wanted to give people something more than a paint job. We wanted them to know that they weren't being over charge, that they could trust they were getting the best for their hard earned money, and that they would absolutely love the end result, being happy to pay for it.
We have never stopped trying to be that company and it has proven to be a very successful endeavor. Most of our clients are from referrals, and that is our greatest reward. We know that a lot of places promise things like jobs completed in a magical one or two days, or that their job is the best so its worth paying double, but at the end of the day, things done quick are not things done well, and things that cost the most don't always mean they are the best.
We want to be the people that do it carefully, that do it right. We want to be the people that don't leave a single spot missed or cheat a single corner. We are proud of the company we've created and truly honor each space we walk into as if it is our own. One thing that never stops saddening us is when we are called to fix the job of a previous painter. Especially companies that promise a very quick job. Things take their time, there is no way around that. And after these companies leave, making you sign waivers that the job is done well, the days and weeks go by and you start to see it wasn't done well. That's when we are called. And every story is personal.
We want to hopefully get to a place that we are called to do the job the first time around properly, rather than come fix the jobs of companies that have millions to advertise, catch your eye and promise you things they won't fulfill. We want to save people that heartache and money loss.

Work Stages

Best Solutions For Your Dream

Client’s often don’t know what to expect during the painting process, so we’ve put together our guide work stages

Colour Consult

This initial phase starts with you and us choosing the colours that will best suit your space, taking consideration of the furniture, lighting, and overall look wanting to be achieved

Setup & Protection

We mobilize the site by bringing our equipment, setting up and protecting your belongings, floors, cabinest etc.


Before we paint, we double check to see any damage we need to repair. We talk with you about everything we will be fixing as well as things you may want removed like outdated wires and alarm boxes. We go ahead and start the repairs


We prime where needed, paint everything in our scope of work, and caulk wherever needed. Once the job is completed, we walk with you and make sure you are 100% satisfied.


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