House Like the Sun This client had a goal. She wanted her home to be a refuge for kids who needed a place to stay. Kids suffering from hunger or abuse.  This client said she wanted the house to feel happy and warm. She wanted it to lead kids to safety. She wanted it to … Continue reading Happy House

A Wall with Texture We were absolutely amazed that this client did this wall himself! The wall used to be wallpaper, but he employed his kids to have a fun wall ripping party, then cleaned it all up. He then glued his 3d squares onto the wall. Lastly, he added wood trim on either side … Continue reading Abstract Wall

The entire interior is the beginning of the history of the house, such as colors, lighting, and materials.

Prestige villa exterior design thought and decided that in such a case it would be wise to use porcelain stoneware.

They greatly expanded the space, helped straighten the geometry and added light to the interior in Upscale sales office.